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Global Mapper is a comprehensive GIS (Geographic Information System) software developed by Blue Marble Geographics. It is designed for viewing, analyzing, and manipulating geographic and spatial data. Global Mapper is widely used by professionals in various fields, including cartography, environmental science, urban planning, geology, and more. The software provides a range of tools and features for working with geospatial data and creating maps and visualizations.

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Global Mapper 24.2 Crack is the reasonable and best-to-use Geographic information system (GIS) application that offers different datasets to satisfy both beginners and experts. This is the best selection for the user who works with spatial data and Maps. It provides an affordable package with a fantastic series of analysis and data processing tools.

Additionally, it helps in correct Map creation with a variety of functions including watershed delineation cut and fills optimization, customized gridding, contour generation, and site modeling. After applying these tools, the user will be able to edit and customize the data. This app works on all versions of Microsoft Windows including 32 and 64-bit.

Global Mapper License Key 2023 Free

Furthermore, the program includes free set-up, network, and USB Dongle licensing. Global Mapper Crack is providing its services for many years and is easy to use. With auto-classify non-ground points, you will be able to read the data. Also, it gives access to online data and web-based services.

So, you can add a custom link to your Web Mapping service, and it is added automatically to the online data source list. This application provides support for the virtually known spatial file format and also gives access to random spatial databases. As thoroughly as you can write, analyzes, and read data. Its logical layout interface makes the work fast and smooth.

There is an option to export 3D lines supporting with drag and drop feature which always attracts viewers’ attention. The user will be able to do the process of zooming and panning with the help of 2D Map Views, a Map Layout editor, and a coordinate converter.

Global Mapper 2023 Crack contains many new tools for editing in a dockable window. Terrain visualization also includes a tool for positioning and hill shading light source. So, it includes live streaming from U.S. states and Canadian Provinces. It also gives value to 3D data in the field of GIS. You can convert 3D models into the point cloud by using the filtering option and LiDAR editing.

Author Review:

Global Mapper License Key makes a great revolution in geographic technology with the help of complete GIS management for your organization and company. Now there is no need to waste your money to buy costly add-ons.

Moreover, this application development cycle makes sure that it works with the changes in your requirements and needs. You can also unblock GIS data flow. Plus, it gives the possibility to handle raster, elevation data, and other general GIS processes. With the help of this, you can stream web-based datasets online as well.

Features of Global Mapper:

  • Data Import and Export: Global Mapper supports a wide range of spatial data formats, allowing users to import and export data from various sources, such as GIS databases, satellite imagery, LiDAR point clouds, DEMs (Digital Elevation Models), and more.
  • Mapping and Visualization: Users can create detailed maps and visualizations using various data layers, including vector data (points, lines, polygons), raster data (imagery), and elevation data.
  • Data Analysis: Global Mapper offers tools for analyzing spatial data, performing geoprocessing tasks, calculating terrain attributes, conducting slope and aspect analysis, and more.
  • Terrain Modeling: The software allows users to create and modify digital elevation models, generate contour lines, and perform volumetric calculations.
  • LiDAR Processing: Global Mapper supports LiDAR data processing, including point cloud visualization, classification, filtering, and extraction of terrain and feature information.
  • 3D Visualization: Users can create and explore 3D visualizations of landscapes, terrains, and built environments, enhancing the understanding of geographic data.
  • Online Data Access: Global Mapper provides access to online mapping services and imagery, enabling users to stream and integrate web-based data into their projects.
  • GPS and Field Data Collection: The software offers GPS data integration and field data collection tools, allowing users to record waypoints, tracks, and other GPS data for use in their projects.
  • Scripting and Automation: Global Mapper supports scripting using the Global Mapper Script Language (GMSL), enabling users to automate repetitive tasks and customize workflows.
  • Customization: Users can customize the user interface, create custom toolbar buttons, and set up batch-processing tasks to streamline their work.

Key Features:

  • Supports data exporting and importing. You can export your data in nearly every format even in 3D PDF files.
  • It also provides digitization for editing and creating features on the map.
  • With the help of image rectification, you can import any image to create a geographically scaled and aligned raster layer.
  • Further, it includes all the features and menus for GPS data management. Use GPS service also on the computer by attaching a receiver.
  • Capture an image of the map in any format and after printing create a PDF file and export it to your Web.
  • Also, make Graphs and charts with the help of the Graph Manager tool.
  • You can create a Map and also publish a web with the help of powerful tools.
  • The terrain analysis feature allows you to process and model elevation data.
  • Perform mathematical operations with the help of the raster calculator.

What’s New?

  • Enhance built-in raster image features.
  • A brand new improved 3D audience for both loupe and LIDAR images
  • Assistance for PDF file importance and export products is also provided.
  • More simple and fast accessibility to script variables
  • Set all the insects as well as errs in previous versions.
  • Brand new enhanced user software design

System Requirements:

  • Intel 3 GHz processor.
  • 250 MB disk space
  • 4 GB of RAM.
  • 1024 X 768 Screen Display


  • Windows XP, VISTA, 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS X 10.7 or above.

What’s New?

  • Free flight navigating system in 3D format.
  • Eyedropper helps to select a color directly from the image on the map.
  • Now Global Mapper also supports touchscreen computers and Windows tablets.
  • In the end, many new improvements in the 3D datasets.

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